Made to Order

Each school’s uniform is different and has it’s own unique style and character.

We offer a custom design service for schools that wish to add a new piece to the uniform, to redesign an existing uniform garment or even to update and modernise the whole school uniform.

Our in-house highly experienced qualified fashion designer can do it all and take an idea to reality.

Our designer, Mrs Jenny Gordon, will meet up with your school to listen to your ideas and draw a few different designs along the lines of what you are thinking in your desired fabric or she can come up with some suggestions. She will bring along these designs for your school to review and once you have chosen the design we will make the actual garment samples so that the school can see and feel the samples with your school logo as part of the review process along with an indicative cost.

She can either design 1 or 2 pieces to fit in the existing uniform or redesign the whole uniform.

When we design there are 5 areas we try to meet to fulfill your needs :

  1. Style
  2. Comfort
  3. Quality
  4. Value for money
  5. Modern

Please contact us on 9829-1027 or email us at to explore this option further.